Today I am Grateful for: Zoom

Many of us know the terms “Zoom Fatigue” or “Zoomed Out.” Many of us in the Agile Best Self like-hearted community work in IT or related jobs that could be transitioned to remote work. In this type of context, intentional use of Zoom is important – for context, see my post on Zooming In orContinue reading “Today I am Grateful for: Zoom”

Zoom In or Zoom Out?

Whether you should Zoom In or Zoom Out is predicated on the concept of safety and context. Zooming Out refers to times when you can opt out of active online engagement – meetings where others can drive the conversation or where you don’t feel like sharing. Sometimes is is better to listen anyway. Zooming In refers to intentional times to use Zoom as a tool to connect, collaborate and meet some of the human interaction needs we all have. If you approach Zoom calls intentionally, you can end the day excited and energized.