Zoom In or Zoom Out?

Whether you should Zoom In or Zoom Out is predicated on the concept of safety and context. Zooming Out refers to times when you can opt out of active online engagement – meetings where others can drive the conversation or where you don’t feel like sharing. Sometimes is is better to listen anyway. Zooming In refers to intentional times to use Zoom as a tool to connect, collaborate and meet some of the human interaction needs we all have. If you approach Zoom calls intentionally, you can end the day excited and energized.

Mashup: We Are Who We Are…1+6+12

For this blog, a “mashup” is taking one or many of the principles and mashing them together with an experience or habit. Not an industry term, just mine. Here is my first attempt at writing a mashup, so you can see how it works. Surprisingly, I don’t always know which principles will show up to the party when I start the process.

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