A Day of Giving Thanks

I try to take a few extra minutes on Thanksgiving Day reminisce about the amazing and wonderful things that happened over the last year. Yes, this year was more challenging than most years. To be clear, as a firm believer of Susan David’s work, I don’t believe in ignoring negative things. I believe in beingContinue reading “A Day of Giving Thanks”

Today I am Grateful for: A Fibonacci Spiral of Connections

The best part of the online and book filled world is that I can add people I have never met (and will never meet) to my like-hearted community. Adam Grant, Rumi, Brené Brown, Simon Sinek, Dr. Michael Gervais, Malcolm Gladwell, Aristotle and Susan David. This expanding list people reminds me of a Fibonacci sequence ofContinue reading “Today I am Grateful for: A Fibonacci Spiral of Connections”

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