A Day of Giving Thanks

Countries with Agile Best Self Readers

I try to take a few extra minutes on Thanksgiving Day reminisce about the amazing and wonderful things that happened over the last year. Yes, this year was more challenging than most years. To be clear, as a firm believer of Susan David’s work, I don’t believe in ignoring negative things. I believe in being sad when I am sad, grumpy when I am grumpy and being ok with being ok.

But this moment today is about gratitude and wonder. I’m surprised and absolutely humbled by our Agile Best Self website stats and 2020 accomplishments.

  • Visitors to the Agile Best Self site come from over 57 countries. Yowza! How amazing is that?
  • 3270 + views of posts!
  • Website comments have doubled.
Countries with Agile Best Self Readers (57)
  • Our “Agile Best Self: North Star” workshop was selected for the Agile2020 conference. The conference was cancelled, but we moved the workshop online and had some wonderful learnings across multiple sessions with over 50 participants.
  • Our first Agile Best Self: Heart to Heart podcast is in the editing stage right now, soon to be released.

The numbers and accomplishments are compelling. I hope that everyone reading this can find some reasons to be thankful and grateful this year. My second hope: moving forward, each of us can customize and apply the cornerstone principle.

Agile Best Self Principle #1: Our highest priority is to be our best self and enable others to be their best selves.

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