Today I am Grateful for: Sundays

I’m grateful for all Sundays, not just pandemic lockdown Sundays. Not just the Sundays before a three day workweek. Not just the Sundays with the great warm weather and nice breezes.

I’m thankful for the paradox that all Sundays give me: a) they are both an end to the weekend and b) the beginning of the week on many calendars. I usually try to make Sundays my day off. A day to sleep in. A day to curl up with a good book. A day to read the news or play with my pups. This week, that did not work. My son’s trimester ends in the upcoming week, so today is a homework catch up day. And third job catch up day and house cleaning catch up day. I’m not complaining, I’m just noticing how quickly it became 6:00 pm and dark out.

In general, I try to make mental and emotional space and use Sundays to re-center and re-focus on my North Star. Just like any habit, it is much easier when it is easy. But that is why I have made it a habit, so that focusing on my North Star happens on busy, task-filled days like today. Days with constant interruptions, rainy weather and stressful deadlines. Having the Sunday reflection habit in place makes the process of re-setting easier when it is hard.

One of our Agile Best Self values is based on:

Adapting mindfully over prescriptive self-improvement

What habits do you want to break? What habits do you want to nourish? And how do these habits align with YOUR North Star?

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