Earlier this week there was a SpaceX launch sending astronauts into space to work in the International Space Station for the next six months. While the world is in the midst of the pandemic, we continue to explore the universe seeking to understand it better, for the benefit of all. What a tremendous sacrifice these people are making for humanity to learn more. Today I am grateful for the explorers who have not stopped this pursuit.

This might sound like another science post, but it’s not. This is a post about the first Agile Best Self Principle – the essence of what Agile Best Self is all about.

Agile Best Self Principle #1: Our highest priority is to be our best self and enable others to be their best selves.

This is exactly what these astronauts are doing — they are pushing the edges of what is possible so that we all might have better lives. They are being the best versions of themselves — they prepared for years mentally and physically — and putting it into service for all of us.

So, as I go into the week of Thankgiving, I am inspired by these explorers. But I can’t escape the question, how am I expanding my own horizons to benefit others? In the current pandemic situation, it may seem difficult to think past next week.

Perhaps this is what we all could do to not just get through it, but come out of it better? It doesn’t have to include jumping on a rocket and head into space, but we all have gifts we could develop to make the world a better place.

Food for thought this December for me.

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