Over the last several years, we have seen lots of videos of members of the military return from months or years of deployment, and surprise their loved ones. I have to admit that seeing these videos always touches me at an emotional level, and I definitely feel activation in my body.

Here’s an example of one of those homecoming videos. I chose one from a baseball setting, because I am a baseball nerd, and I am proud of it. This particular one is a favorite because this young pitcher was having a “mountain top” moment – throwing a first pitch on a Major League mound, in front of thousands of people. Imagine how that got better for that young man when his father removed the catcher’s mask from his face. Awesome moment.

One of the ways we can train optimism is through visualization of amazing things and creating that positive energy. So, I am taking this opportunity to connect with our like-hearted community by sharing a thought to help you build your own optimism — exercising Principle 11.

Agile Best Self Principle #12: At regular intervals, reflect on how to become your best self, then tune and adjust.

Today, I offer a visualization. I am visualizing what 2021 will feel like — imagine as the pandemic subsides, everything we do that we have not been able to do for a year will feel like a homecoming of sorts. Actually, probably many, many homecomings for me. I think there will even be some that will feel like what the little boy in the video. We have been physically away from one another, and from things we like to do, for so long. I can’t wait. This is going to feel amazing.

Hope this helps you today.

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