Fill It Up!

One first things I did when my work went remote was to buy a 78 oz water jug. At that point, it was difficult to sneak in a bio break and time to fill up a smaller 16 oz water bottle. This is a picture of the water bottle I bought. It is HUGE. But I like the motivational messages that go with the water level. And it makes it dead simple for me to track my water intake. No counting refills, no refills needed.

Agile Best Self Principle #10: Simplicity – focusing on what energizes your best self — is paramount.

I was on an endless series of Zoom calls on Wednesday. I was glad to have my 78 oz water jug. Staying hydrated is key during these long days. Because I have a treadmill desk (take a 13 year old treadmill, a flat board, some zip ties and MacGyver an inexpensive treadmill desk), I don’t have to worry about getting my 10,000 steps in when I have Zoom calls scheduled from 8 am to 6 pm. I’ve made it amazingly simple to get 20,000 steps in on a day.

By my 2 pm call, I had gotten down to the “Bottom Up Refill” level. Quite the mindless, stress free accomplishment! I was showing off the water bottle by waving it around so other people on the call could see it. The green color makes the water bottle magically disappear when I have my virtual background on, so it is also kind of fun. One of the other coaches purposely played off of the “half full or half empty” language of optimism and said: “Now what are you going to do to fill it up again?” He is familiar with the Agile Best Self framework and mindset, and how important optimism is.

So let me throw that question back out to the Agile Best Self community….What are you going to do to fill your water glass (or mega huge water bottle) up again? Dance party? Understand optimism better? Train your brain? Reframe a situation? Think about the relationship between optimism and positivity? Get some new tools? Eat some ice cream?

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