The Value of a Metronome

I remember taking piano lessons as a kid. I also remember the hours of practice to the sound of the metronome. The sound, annoying if you are a bystander, helps to pull you forward by keeping that steady, uniform beat. I remember playing scales and songs over and over again until I could keep up. Same thing when I picked up a stringed instrument when I was a little older. Fast forward several decades and then I ran into what a metronome sounds like over a 273-member marching band my kids were a part of in high school. You can imagine the frequency and volume needed — it was all of that, trust me. It used to annoy the heck out of me in my younger years, but I now see the value in it beyond keeping a beat. It pulls you forward — challenges you to keep going and achieve the desired outcome.

A few weeks back, Michaele and I decided to implement a metronome of sorts to energize our Agile Best Self writing focus. We both committed to writing every other day about gratitude, and by doing so we uncovered new sources of gratitude. On this Thanksgiving Day eve, I am grateful for making the commitment to do this series. It has been an awesome way to commit to connecting with our like-hearted community!

In the face of some trying times in 2020, I got to reflect on so many amazing events, people, places and past experiences happening right now in my life. I am also grateful to have such a collaborative and supportive co-creator in Michaele who joined me in this gratitude writing challenge. Having that gentle, but productive peer pressure was just like that metronome — it kept pulling me forward. I don’t want to break our streak Thank you, Michaele!

As far as I am concerned, I plan to keep going with the writing habit. A new habit has now formed and now I hope to sustain it, and we will see what happens next. The next series topic area coming soon, but for now — Happy Thanksgiving!

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