Blinded Me With Science

Michaele has been writing about dance parties. I agree, dance parties are awesome. One of my dance club favorites from the 1980s was this one:

Catchy beat, and in a small way so fitting this morning with the breaking news about upcoming vaccinations for COVID-19. I have even implemented dance parties in my in-person training classes as a way to inject good vibes into the room (by the way, this is way out of my comfort zone).

Science. For. The. Win.

Agile Best Self Principle #9: Continuous attention to scientific research enhances best self.

Science helps us on our Best Self journey also. For many, we find ourselves in a negative frame of mind these days quite frequently — make sense. We can look to science to help us manage our mental health and more quickly rebound from a negative mindset to a more positive mindset — it’s there where we can experience our best self. It’s not to say taking a little dance party break is going to solve all our problems, but it can help make the moment a little better — maybe something to build upon to have a better day?

After I read Michaele’s post, I soon ran into the following link on my LinkedIn feed shared by a colleague. With the help of scientific discovery, we have learned that we have a lot of control over our own brain chemistry. There is so much we can do to impact our own outlook. Here’s the image that was shared in it.

So, if you battle with this like me, here are some ideas to help you get back to a better, more positive mindset so that you can be your best self.

I am grateful for these little hacks — rooted in good science — to help make our days better and more in alignment with our best self.

Who’s ready for a cocktail? A cocktail of positive brain chemicals!

I’m in – dance party commencing now.

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