Laura M. Powers talks about Gratitude, part 1

In the first of two episodes, we had a blast sitting down with Laura to talk about gratitude in the face of the pandemic world. We talked about how she uses an Agile Best Self North Star and the Agile Best Self Principles.

Laura M. Powers is the Founder & Principal at Powered by Teams – an agile consultancy focused on helping leaders and their teams thrive in the midst of change.  She is also the Vice President of Operations at the Business Agility Institute and a startup mentor at Silicon Valley Ignite.  She has been involved in the design of electronics for space applications, aircraft engines, diapers, electric cars, complex software systems, and custom electro-mechanical systems at AT&T Bell Labs, Hewlett Packard, Agilent, and eBay – as well as several startups you’ve never heard of.

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