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This post has very little to do with my Boxer dog Jade. But Thor got all the attention in my last post, so it is only fair to Jade to get some screen space here. This picture seemed apropos because a) the pic makes me happy; and b) the post is about breathing.

Today I’m thankful for a beautiful phrase and intriguing way to dramatically impact my health.

Beautiful phrase: “The new science of a lost art”

Intriguing way to dramatically and positively impact my health: “Learn how to breathe.”

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor is compelling and fascinating. This guy does his homework. Great example of accessible, yet solid, science.

Principle 9
Continuous attention to scientific research enhances best self.

Before buying the book, check out this 48 minute podcast:

I’ve found myself being more intentional about having good breathing habits when I am reading, driving or just hanging out. I’ve already noticed the difference. And I can attest that title of this article is valid. Go ahead, try it for yourself!

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