I’m Just OK

Today Michaele and I talked about focusing our writing efforts on gratitude. Seemed like a good idea in the month of November in the US. It’s really hard to get too excited about gratitude right now, if I am being honest. Looking around, there is so much that is going sideways in the world. You know all of that. We are all experiencing it — in some way.

Agile Best Self Principle #10: Simplicity – focusing on what energizes your best self — is paramount.

Applying the principle of simplicity from the Agile Best Self framework, I realize that when I get down to it, the feeling of gratitude now comes easy. It seems like a good time to be a light for myself.

I am healthy, employed and I live with people who love me. Don’t really need much else. Gratitude is a powerful force in energizing our best self — lots of research exists to support that — so simplifying my use of gratitude can only make my room better.

I am just OK right now, and that’s OK. Tomorrow I will get up again and make the room better.

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My personal philosophy is to be a light.

2 thoughts on “I’m Just OK

  1. Yes, it’s OK to be OK. We don’t need to just be grateful for the big events in life – the engagements, the weddings, the birthdays that mark a new decade. Finding gratitude in the daily things is important. Being grateful for having a normal OK day is important.

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